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Pattazhy is a beautiful temple village situated in Pathanapuram Taluk of Kollam District in Kerala. The land of Pattazhy comprising two panchayat areas (Pattazhy and Pattazhy vadakekara) was given as a gift to Pattazhy Devi by the King of Travancore for the help and shelter given in the fierce fight against the king of Kayamkulam. The place is highly gifted with its natural beauty. The green hills and valleys, the river Kallada and sky high rocks are an added attraction. Pattazhy also got a place in the Guinness Book of world records for the 'Longest bamboo'. Pattazhy Devi Kshetra Samrakshana Samithi registered in 1971 has been working successfully aiming at the cultural, social and spiritual development of the people and also for the preservation of the historic temple and its traditions. Pattazhy is a blessed place having the peace and tranquility of Devi' s divine presence. The atmosphere is pleasant with the abundance of flora and fauna with a heavenly texture filled with chirping of birds and musical symphony of river Kallada, giving a celestial experience.


The first syllable of the word Pattazhy (Patt) means soft and it represents the compassion and affection of Devi to her beloved devotees. The second part Aazhy means ocean which represents the depth of Devi's grace. The name Pattazhy was also derived from the word Bhattarika which means a virtuous and pious women.



The legend behind Pattazhy Devi is genuine and interesting. In ancient times, the powerful Devi's abode was a plantain farm of Keezheveetil family. Once a virtuous and beautiful woman was manifested before the patriarch of the family. This vision was momentary and vanished abruptly. This was informed to Alaprathu Thirumeni. By further quest to find the origin and circumstances of the manifestation, it was assumed that the place was the abode of Devi. A deep well and a piece of red cloth (Patt) were also visible in place of the Devi's manifestation. On behalf of Devi, a throne was consecrated on top of the well. The faith is that the throne is having the divine presence of Devi.

The Pattazhy Devi Temple was constructed at this place and the sanctum sanctorum is the consecrated throne. The nearby Kannambally kavu is believed to be the Devi's first place of manifestation. Devi's divine presence was also felt in the nearby place called Mannady. The devotees of Devi constructed a temple there and also began worshipping. The devotees are blessed with the nobility and grace showered by Pattazhy Devi. Still the omnipotent Devi bestows boons.




Kambithan is a hardcore worshipper of Devi and having miraculous powers. On behalf of Devi, Kambithan took over the responsibility to protect and preserve the temple affairs.The temple affairs were earlier managed by the people of authority in that area, landlords, and wealthy people. Adjacent to the Pattazhy temple, there is a Kambithan Nada (dwelling place), which show the significance and intense devotion of Kambithans.


Kambithan was the representative of Devi's Pattazhy desam. The Kambithan concept is peculiar and one can find only in few temples like Pattazhy, Mannady etc. Kambithan Nada is constructed in front of the Arappura temple for the direct vision of Devi.




The ancient history shows that Pattazhy desom was gifted on behalf of Devi from The King Marthanda Varma. He was an efficient ruler. He set the kingdom in order by initiating progressive measures to bring in prosperity and equality among the people. The king extended the kingdom by winning war with the neighboring countries with the help of Ramayyan Dalava, his loyal minister. Kambithan also helped the king to take over Kayamkulam desam. Kayamkulam had become a part of Venad. As a symbol of his gratitude the king ordered to let Pattazhy be named and dedicated to Devi by issuing a royal order.



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