Pattazhy devi temple ,dedicated to lord bhagavathy,is the most famous and prominent among all the temples in the Kerala. Temple is situated in the pattazhy village located in Pathanapuram taluk in the eastern part of the Kollam District.The name Pattazhy has an uncertain etymology. Pattazhy may stem from an imperfect Malayalam portmanteau fusing Patt ("Soft") and Aazhy ("Ocean"). Thus the word Pattazhy represents the compassion and affection of Pattazhy Devi to her beloved devotees and depth of her grace. The name Pattazhy may have also derived from the word Bhattarika which means a virtuous and pious woman. The land of Pattazhy comprising two panchayat areas (Pattazhy and Pattazhy vadakekara) .Devi’s land is surrounded by beauty of eighteen mountains and charming of river kallada. The ancient history shows that Pattazhy desham was gifted on behalf of Devi from The King Marthanda Varma of kayamkulam. He was an efficient ruler. He set the kingdom in order by initiating progressive measures to bring in prosperity and equality among the people. The king extended the kingdom by winning war with the neighboring countries with the help of Ramayyan Dalava, his loyal minister. Kambithan(king of temple, who is believed to have possessed supernatural powers ) also helped the king to take over Kayamkulam desam. After winning the war the Kayamkulam had become a part of Venad. As a symbol of his gratitude the king ordered to let Pattazhy be named and dedicated to Devi by issuing a royal order. The annual festival at Pattazhy Devi Temple is Kumbhathiruvathira and Meenathiruvathira, is one of the largest temple festivals in the Travancore. The festival is known for Kambam (fire works), Aalpindi Vilakku Ezhunnallathu (Procession of small structure made out of plantain kernel and germinating leaves of coconut tree with numerous lamps on it), Ponnin Thirumudi (Devi's idol carved out of pure gold and rare precious stones) Ezhunnallathu

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